Caerus Associates

Novel tools and new approaches to understand complex, dynamic environments.


Finding Meaning in Complexity

Building on our flagship work in big data analytics, we apply techniques from the social and data sciences to find meaning in complexity. We combine creative tools from industrial and urban design, applied social science, big data analytics, and new tech innovations to model frontier and conflict environments. By working with clients to translate meaningful behaviors into data—and back again—we support actionable insights by identifying “honest signals” in complex, local environments.

Leading-edge Technologies, Tailored Products

Clients come to Caerus because they find off-the-shelf solutions insufficiently tuned to their organizations’ most challenging research questions. We stand on the shoulders of giants by incorporating leading-edge technologies and analytic methods into our process, but deliver tailored products or tools that solve distinctive, complex problems with a high degree of accuracy. This allows our clients to focus attention and resources where they have the greatest impact.

Wide-ranging Experience

Caerus is proud of its work supporting US and allied government efforts at home and overseas. Caerus also partners with other organizations to advance understanding of conflicts around the world. In the private sector, our clients include financial institutions, media companies, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, legal institutions, and technology companies. Check out our work in Aleppo, Syria with First Mile Geo and The American Security Project and our contributions to Open Event Data.

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