Caerus Associates

Novel tools and new approaches to understand complex, dynamic environments.


Finding Meaning in Complexity

Caerus Associates, established in 2010, is a Small Business concern providing cybersecurity and data analytics professional services to the public and private sector. By applying quantitative research methods for generating data and extracting meaning from it, Caerus creates novel tools and frameworks for anticipating user behavior. We employ a data-driven approach that moves well beyond existing techniques, automating appropriate steps in the process and identifying true behavioral indicators vs. merely providing descriptive analytics.

Leading-edge Technologies, Tailored Products

Caerus has proven itself as a key performer on multiple advanced research and development programs within the Department of Defense, State Department and the Intelligence Community, both as a prime contractor and as a valued subcontract teammate.  We excel at translating end-user needs into technical requirements, ensuring that developed tools are not only accurate and useful, but are also employed by operators, policy makers and other intended users.

Wide-ranging Experience

We are thrilled to announce that as of June 16, 2016, Caerus Associates is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cybraics Defense Corporation.  Under new executive management, Caerus has strongly enhanced its capabilities and service offerings in the areas of cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics, and integrated machine learning.  Ask us how Caerus can help your organization.


Caerus is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing a workplace that is free of discrimination of all types.

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